Sunday, 7 March 2010

Day ninety seven: a big hello

To anyone who's come here after reading the hundred days article in the Independent on Sunday, firstly hello! And also, about my blog:

It's not all talking
About work. I also talk
About Masterchef

I'm an exciting guy. I do sometimes wonder what the pioneers of haiku, these deep thinkers who would compose concise meditations on the nature of the world, would think if they saw me counting out syllables on my fingers while writing about badgers. They probably wouldn't be too happy about it. Oh well.

This is my current favourite song:


  1. Inspired by you, I suggested to my grandchildren that we try to make up haikus. My grandson is nearly six - this is our record of an outing (do not read while eating):

    Poor Ned was car sick
    But he did not loose his sweet.
    Kept it in his mouth...

    I was prompted to tell you about this because of your comment about counting on your fingers! You should see us doing that!
    Not long to go now to your one hundred days ....