Monday, 8 February 2010

Day seventy: ch-ch-changes

Wow, day 70, that's mental.

I started day one of this hundred days project as someone who'd worked in Scunthorpe for a few years, but with an aspiration to go "home" to London. Today, day 70, will mark my last night living here, I start my new job on Wednesday, and by day 100 I will be a fully paid up resident of London (staying at my parents in between - groan!). It is all really exciting, but I'm pretty nervous and daunted at the same time. Plus I haven't done nearly enough packing yet, to the extent that I might have to be up quite late tonight finishing it off. I'll still keep doing the haiku but I'll more often than not be e-mailing them to blogger from my phone, so I apologise in advance for the crappy formatting. Packing is really horrible isn't it, I find it so hard. I was just staring at a wall for a good few minutes instead of doing it. And you get crazy thoughts going through your head, like:

Maybe instead of
Packing, I'll set everything
On fire and leave it.

An appropriate bit of Bowie


  1. hey Andy, good luck with the packing, and the new job!

    siobhan x