Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day ninety: robo-tory

I saw George Osbourne interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning. It was embarrassing, it's like he's some schoolboy playing at being a politician. And the fact that they're favourites to win the next election fills me with dread. It'll be like in Doctor Who when the whole country gets taken over by Cybermen or something. My only hope is that the current Tory front bench will soon be revealed as some kind of Eton prank, and they are all, in fact, 13 years old.

I say, chaps, here's fun;
Let's de-bag that dastardly
Cad Brown. Hahaha.


  1. Started my morning with a laugh again! (Not much of a laugh if we end up with the Cybermen tho')

  2. Don't worry, they're not real.