Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day fifty two: Wild Party

I was queuing at the supermarket earlier, and the below photo on the front of one of those magazines covering celebrity gossip/mum stuff/grizzly murders caught my eye, in particular its caption.

You should've been there.
So fucking wild. At one point
Ronan went "wahey!"

Now, I would never claim to be some kind of non-stop party tearaway, but if Ronan Keating going "wahey" behind someone with a ropey facelift* is what constitutes a wild party then I'm like Keith Richards!

*I have been informed via comment that it is not a facelift, for legal reasons.


  1. that someone he is behind is his wife and she not had a facelift!!!

  2. Wow, you're on the ball! Anyway, I stand corrected and have edited my post to reflect that.

  3. You can now call yourself a cutting-edge current affairs comment haiku master. On the beat, in the street, your skills at weaving the world into the form of poetic verse are exemplary.

    Great stuff, as ever, that is way more stimulating than WAG bingo and raving with BoyZone.