Monday, 18 January 2010

Day forty nine: an excuse to use the word 'moustachioed'

I'd been growing a beard for the last month or so, with the intention of seeing it through, but I've got a few potentially significant appointments tomorrow, and the beard was looking really quite messy, so it had to go. However, shaving a beard off does always have a good side effect.

Shaving a beard is
An excuse to see what I'd look
Like moustachioed

And the answer is: like a sex offender

The culmination of this post was due to be posting a photo of myself moustachioed, but the one I took was so bad that I couldn't even consider revealing it to the world.


  1. I am getting worried. You are nearly halfway. I hope you will then plan on doing another hundred - I do so enjoy reading your daily post. And can please write one for my friend Sue, who is unhappy at the moment!

  2. Aw shucks! Fanks! I'm glad you like it. As for your friend Sue, I'm sorry she's been feeling unhappy, but I refer you (and her) to my day 50 haiku.