Monday, 4 January 2010

Day thirty five: back to work

I know it's a bit of a standard thing to moan about going back to work after Christmas, but it is shit isn't it. Things have gone a bit tits up at Corus (see here in particular, here, and here) so I've decided to take a redundancy package that is on offer. It is a risk as I haven't got anything else lined up, but I've got so little to do and my department's going nowhere, so every month I stay is damaging my career (not that I'm particularly career driven, but it's nice to do something you enjoy isn't it), and I've been wanting to get back down to London for a while now, so that's what I'll be doing at the start of next month. Gulp! Apologies for the mangled sentence structure of the majority of this paragraph.

Anyway, back to the haiku - I had a load of e-mails this morning, but after going through the meaningless rubbish ones all I had to do was post a brochure to someone. I really don't need to be here.

After deleting
Irrelevant e-mails, I
Was left with one task.

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